Vision, Values & Principles

“The Laurus Trust Vision is for everyone regardless of background or circumstance to be inspired, to thrive in all environments, to recognise what it takes to succeed, to set aspirational goals and work hard to achieve them.”

The Curriculum Principles that underpin this vision are:

Unashamedly academic

We have an unashamedly academic approach to curriculum structure and pedagogy.

Outstanding teaching

Outstanding teaching results in all students, including those who have Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities and those for whom the Pupil Premium provides support, making rapid and sustained progress.

High expectations

Teachers are experts in their field. They have consistently high expectations of themselves and of their students. They plan and teach lessons that enable students to learn exceptionally well across the curriculum.

Notable impact on the quality of learning

Teachers systematically and effectively check students’ understanding throughout lessons and over time, anticipating where they may need to intervene and doing so with notable impact on the quality of learning.

High levels of engagement

Teachers and other adults generate high levels of engagement and commitment to learning across the whole school.

High quality marking and constructive feedback

Consistently high quality marking and constructive feedback from teachers ensure that students make rapid gains.

Sharply focused and timely support and intervention

Well-judged teaching strategies, including sharply focused and timely support and intervention, match individual needs accurately so that students learn exceptionally well across the curriculum.

Attitudes to learning are exemplary

Students’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. Staff and students are unreservedly positive about both behaviour and safety.

An exceptionally positive climate for learning

Skilled and highly consistent behaviour management by all staff makes a strong contribution to an exceptionally positive climate for learning.

The importance of core knowledge and deep mastery

We believe in the importance of core knowledge and deep mastery. Socially disadvantaged students should receive the same education as those in the best private schools. Students should be explicitly taught the academic language needed to be academically successful. They should be provided with as broad and deep a knowledge base as possible so that they can think as broadly and deeply as possible. Our curriculum structure will be based on students developing a core body of knowledge.