A Laurus Education - Secondary

Our academic curriculum is knowledge led and ensures that the needs and talents of all students and pupils are recognised and developed.

The key belief at Laurus, is that the all-round educational attainment of students and pupils is substantially aided by their participation in a whole range of activities, to inspire and motivate them. Donations from the Law Family Educational Trust (LFET) enable our students and pupils to have the same access to high quality enrichment as offered by private schools.

Each Laurus school offers a wide programme of activities (Electives) which take place during the school day or in after-school clubs. The programme includes:

  • Training in the use of voice
  • A sense of competitive spirit, to increase personal well-being
  • A passion to perform to the best of one’s ability in all disciplines
  • Skills to lead
  • Resilience to cope with setbacks
  • Presentation skills and self-confidence
  • An attitude to believe that ‘anything is possible’

Opening doors

Across the Trust schools, we help students and pupils to open the door to the future of their choice and have a consistent pursuit for excellence, which is evident through the percentage of students progressing on to study at prestigious universities. The table below outlines the outcomes that our Sixth Form students have achieved.