Vision & Culture

For everyone regardless of background or circumstance to be inspired, to thrive in all environments, to recognise what it takes to succeed, to set aspirational goals and work hard to achieve them.

The Laurus Trust Vision

The key belief across the Laurus Trust, is that the all-round educational attainment of individual students and pupils, is substantially promoted by their participation in a whole range of activities, not just classroom based academic ones. Inspiring students and pupils through these activities will enable them to become better motivated, as well as being more respected by their peers.

From nursery through to Sixth Form we will strive to provide the best all-round educational experience.

We aim for our students to have the choice of accessing the top universities and employment, to have the attitudes and habits to be successful when they get there, and the cultural preparation to think, study and lead – or influence those who lead.

To achieve our aims, our culture is founded on the following principles:

Unashamedly academic
We place a strong emphasis on student attainment and the development of powerful knowledge through our curriculum structure. Professional learning for our staff is at the heart of our organisational culture: it is the bedrock of what we do and what we stand for.
Unapologetically aspirational
We focus on a culture of universally high expectations and ambition in all our schools.
Uncompromising standards
We constantly strive for excellence in every domain in every aspect of what we do.