Unashamedly Academic

We believe that all our students, regardless of their ability, background or circumstance have the right to an academic education. We don’t think there is anything elitist about this aspiration. What we do think is elitist is that only the most able or the privately educated should be able to access an academic education.

What we don’t do is to ‘dumb down’ the academic curriculum for any students. What we do, is to remove the barriers which prevent students from accessing the academic curriculum.

What we don’t believe is that that the academic curriculum is the only important part of educating our students. What we do believe is that, in addition to the academic curriculum, all our students should be educated in the following areas in order to develop the Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits to open the door to the future of their choice.

Leadership and Service

Competition and Physical Endeavour

Culture, Creativity and Rhetoric

Academic Aspiration

These are the cornerstones upon which our ethos is based.

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