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The best educators are the best learners

The Laurus Institute is part of the Laurus Trust and provides a comprehensive offer of externally accredited and in-house professional learning opportunities for education professionals at every stage of their career. High quality professional learning and pedagogical development are at the heart of our organisational culture, it is the bedrock of what we do and what we stand for.

From Apprenticeships and Masters degrees to National Professional Qualifications, we invest a considerable amount of time, effort and money in developing staff, governors and trustees across our Laurus schools and partner schools, because we understand that our people are our greatest asset. The Laurus Institute is our way of bringing together all our professional learning under one banner. It allows the innovative and best practice that is happening in each school to be shared centrally.

Programmes we deliver

We are pleased to be working in partnership with the Education Development Trust and the National College of Education to deliver a suite of highly-accredited qualifications, providing fellow professionals with the opportunity to take the next step of their career. 

Education Development Trust programmes

National College of Education programmes

Better is always possible

Trust Directors across the Laurus Trust have a role in determining the specifics of professional learning and development in each school. They work with the subject leaders to develop a strategic approach to both pedagogical and subject matter knowledge. They coordinate curriculum development and how teaching approaches are chosen to achieve the curriculum intent. This is achieved through clear collaboration across Trust schools. We put systems in place to ensure that collaboration is both possible and sustainable.

Better is always possible

Pedagogy and curriculum design

Senior staff work across schools and phases to share ideas and practice. We develop subject leads who whilst working in one of the Trust schools have responsibility for subject development across all schools. They focus on subject specific pedagogy and curriculum design to ensure that all schools provide the very best experience and education for the students within them. Within the Laurus Trust we place high value on subject specialists finding time to collaboratively plan together.