This week saw the launch of the Matt Dickinson Laurus Trust Creative Writing Competition.

Matt, the Trust’s award-winning writer in residence, announced that the challenge for students across the Trust’s schools would be on the theme of walls.

Matt said: “It’s a rich and wonderful theme that opens up so many possibilities and ideas. The writing pieces could be factual or journalistic, exploring perhaps the Berlin Wall or the wall that President Trump is proposing to build on the USA/ Mexican border. We’ll be looking for evidence that both sides of the story have been explored.

“Or the writing could be fiction – short stories in the 500 to 1,000-word range looking at the ‘walls’ we put up around ourselves, or poetry, song lyrics or even ideas for a computer game which is based around a wall.

“Good luck to you all! Let your imagination fly and get writing!”

Matt and members of Laurus Trust staff will be reading the submitted works and the awards will be announced on 1st April 2019. The prizes will be presented by Matt at a special ceremony.