Friday 27 November marks UNISON Stars in our Schools Day, dedicated to recognising all the support and operations staff in schools, who do an amazing job all year round.

This year has been like no other for schools and their students and we’d like to take this opportunity to offer our most heartfelt thanks to all the staff right across the Laurus Trust who have gone that extra mile to ensure our schools have been able to continue supporting and educating students to the highest level, under very difficult and uncertain circumstances.

From those supporting students directly to everyone working hard behind the scenes, staff have pulled together, enabling our schools to function effectively and to ensure that home learning has been available and accessible to all.

It has been an incredible effort all round and we are exceptionally proud of how our staff have met the challenges posed by 2020.

We’re lucky to have so many stars in our schools and to have such a hard-working and dedicated team.