At the Laurus Trust, we place great importance on the health and wellbeing of our staff. This month, we held our first ever Trust-wide Wellbeing Week for staff.

It was a week filled with activities and workshops for all staff across our family of schools to get involved in.

From yoga and boxing to staff breakfasts, there was something for everyone!

It was a great chance for staff to step away from their desks, take a break together and try out some new activities.

The week was thoroughly enjoyed in all of our schools, here are just some of the highlights!

Staff Breakfasts

One of the most popular events in each school was a free breakfast.

A collage of photos from staff breakfasts at different Laurus Trust schools during Wellbeing week. Top left: staff at Cheadle Hulme Primary School sit around a table full of pastries and breakfast items. Top right: A close up on the breakfast in top left. Bottom right: a variety of pastries. Bottom centre: A sign reads 'Wellbeing week staff breakfast...enjoy'. Bottom right: A spread of fruits, including watermelon, bananas, strawberries and apples.

Some of the breakfasts on offer across different schools. Staff at Cheadle Hulme Primary School (top left) enjoying a breakfast together.

Staff enjoyed some tasty treats, coffees, and each other’s company – the perfect start to the day!

Health and Fitness

Staff in each school were encouraged to get active and try out some new sports.

Two photos of fitness sessions during Laurus Trust Wellbeing week 2023. Left: Two staff members from Hazel Grove High School practice boxing together. Right: Staff out on the field during a game of rounders on a sunny day.

Staff had fun trying out different activities.

Highlights included an afternoon of free gym access, boxing, rounders, and even line dancing!

Staff at Hazel Grove High School take part in an American line dancing session in the school hall which is decorated with US flag bunting.

Staff thoroughly enjoyed an American line dancing session.

There were also learning sessions including first aid, menopause lunches and webinars, and resilience workshops.

Staying active together

Staff across Trust schools were invited to come together for a walk in Lyme Park.

They had some wonderful weather as they took in the scenic views of the park.

a collage of 3 images taken of Laurus Trust staff from different schools walking together in Lyme Park as part of Wellbeing Week

Laurus Trust staff had some glorious weather for their walk in Lyme Park.

Hazel Grove High School also did a group cycling tour!

Staff from Hazel Grove High School pose with their bicycles in the car park before their bike ride for Laurus Trust Wellbeing Week.

Staff from Hazel Grove High School took to the roads to cycle together

Mental Health and Breathing Space

Taking the time to focus on our mental health formed a vital part of the week.

There was yoga, mindfulness colouring, freebies, and drop-in sessions with mental health first aiders.

3 photos of the mental health elements of the Laurus Trust Wellbeing Week. Top left: A message reads: 'Sometimes all we need is a little pampering to help us feel better.Thank you for everything you do to make Woodford Primary School the best it can be. Please help yourself to a little pamper treat from me - Elise.' Bottom left: A box of pamper treats which accompanied the message in top left. Right: 3 members of staff do some mindful colouring and eat their lunch.

Teachers were invited to help themselves to a box of pampering freebies at Woodford Primary School (left). Laurus Trust staff take part in mindfulness colouring (right).

Additionally, each school had a breathing space initiative where staff were invited to spend lunchtime together away from their offices to fully relax.

We’re grateful to be able to offer initiatives like this at such scale, and would like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated HR team who organised the week.

We hope Wellbeing Week offered everyone a chance to switch off and take some time for reflection.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and helped make it such a success!

Find out more about health and wellbeing initiatives at the Laurus Trust.