Over 100 students from the Laurus Trust had the opportunity to attend an exclusive talk with Professor David Olusoga OBE at the University of Liverpool.  

On Tuesday 2nd July, over 100 Year 11 students from five Laurus Trust High Schools and the Anti-Racism Group from Laurus Ryecroft Sixth Form attended a talk by Professor David Olusoga OBE at the University of Liverpool.

The trip was organised for Year 11 students taking part in the Apertura Summer School, as part of the Laurus Trust Apertura Programme.

Professor Olusoga is a renowned British historian, writer, broadcaster, presenter and filmmaker who aims to make history inclusive, expansive and diverse.

In preparation for the visit, each student received a copy of his award-winning book, Black and British, which delves into the hidden history of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people of Africa and the Caribbean.

During his talk, Professor Olusoga shared his experiences growing up in Gateshead and his early fascination with the Industrial Revolution and World War II. His childhood experiences led him to study the history of slavery at the University of Liverpool.

David Olusoga OBE delivers a talk to Apertura students in a lecture theatre at the University of Liverpool.

Professor David Olusoga delivers his talk to students at the University of Liverpool.


The students were deeply engaged by his talk, which connected the historical dots to present-day issues.

He highlighted how historical myths and damaging stereotypes, particularly those surrounding people of African descent, continue to influence contemporary medicine and society.

Following the talk, students engaged in a Q&A session, asking thought-provoking questions on topics including current affairs and the most important lessons from history.

At the end of the session, Professor Olusoga signed books and was presented with an honorary Apertura badge.

The day continued with a guided tour of the University of Liverpool and a visit to the International Slavery Museum.

A Laurus Trust student views a sculpture at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

A student views ‘En Blanc’, a sculpture tackling themes of women in slavery in the Caribbean.


Miss Eckhardt, Director of Post 16 Education at The Laurus Trust, said:

“ This has been a fabulous opportunity for Laurus Trust students not only to listen to David Olusoga’s engaging talk but also to quiz him on aspects of his work. It has been a delight to see our students engage in academic conversations confidently and eloquently; I’m immensely proud of them.”


Laurus Trust students visit the School of Law and Social Sciences building on a guided tour of Liverpool University.

Students visit the School of Law and Social Sciences on a guided tour of the University of Liverpool.


Apertura is a Laurus super-curricular programme designed to expose high achieving students to academic dialogue and independent research in preparation for applications to competitive universities. Click here to find out more.