Core Behaviours: Support Staff

At the Laurus Trust, it is not just about what we do but also about how we do it. Our core behaviours detailed below provide guidance on the expectations we have of our staff.


  • Adaptable – Open to change, to be flexible
  • Courageous – Willing to speak up, offer ideas, challenge the norm
  • Hard Working – Strong work ethic, prepared to go the extra mile
  • Inclusive – Treat others fairly and equally
  • Engaged – Involved/absorbed in your work, participate at all times
  • Value – Add value to your role, your team and the Trust
  • Enquiring – Have an enquiring mind, curious, improve and find solutions
  • Motivated – Pro-active, wanting to achieve goals, willingness to try, can do attitude
  • Encouraging – Giving/offering support and confidence to others, working together
  • Navigator – Providing guidance, leading when necessary
  • Tenacious – Perseverance, never giving up, whatever it takes