Academic Learning

Powerful Knowledge in PE 

Powerful Knowledge in PE is about developing physical literacy. 

Physical Education combines practical and theoretical concepts and enables students to gain powerful knowledge and explore it in a practical context. 

Powerful knowledge in Physical Education: 


  • Developing a broad range of fundamental motor skills, developing the consistency and performance of practical skills in isolation & in competitive/conditioned situations. 
  • Developing students’ knowledge of sporting activities and competing effectively using a variety of tactics and strategies across multiple disciplines individually and as part of a team.  
  • How to be socially aware and work effectively with students with a variety of different ability levels and develop resilience, perseverance, courage & self-control 
  • Short term effects of exercise on the body systems 
  • Components of fitness 
  • Principles of training 
  • Performance enhancement through training 
  • Muscular system (names of muscles and movement analysis) 


Curriculum Features: Sporting Excellence  

The curriculum will be broad and balanced allowing students to develop the knowledge and skills to be physically active and healthy now and in later life. Our curriculum will promote a love of physical activity and the confidence to participate.  

In addition, when our students opt to study GCSE or A Level PE, they will have the opportunity to access Loughborough University – students will work in the University labs with the University professors; The work with Loughborough University will add to the students understanding of their syllabus and putting theoretical elements of the course on a practical setting. Our students will also have the opportunity to view the campus and get a taste of at higher education and what it would be like to study at the best university in the world for sport.